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Now you can find Bugs, Buses, Karmann Ghias, Super Beetles, Fastbacks and other real VW's Worldwide! Check out the headings on the left to find country specific listings.

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  1973 Air-Cooled VW Convertible Super Beetle
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Why another Air-Cooled Volkswagen site?

If you're like me, when you want something Air-Cooled Volkswagen related, you find yourself searching throughout several different Volkswagen related sites to find "it".  After finding myself on eBay, spending excessive amounts of time navigating the listings, I decided it was time to
Air-Cooled Volkswagen Westfalia buses
create a more Air-Cooled VW enthusiast friendly site.  Hopefully, you will find it helpful in your own search for everything Air-Cooled VW related.  Whether you're looking for a car, a part, manual, or even a historic advertisement or painting you can hang on the wall, you'll find it here!
In addition to the eBay VW listings, you'll also find an interesting craigslist interface with Air-Cooled Volkswagen search criteria already in place.  
eBay VW cherry picker

  Your opinion counts!  If you notice anything that could be improved upon on
  the site, please contact me with your feedback.

Also, if you ever come across any really unique Air-Cooled VW 's on eBay,  (like the eBay VW bucket lift single-cab on the left) let me know and I'll find a prominent place to feature it on the site.  


If you like that video, you might also like the Volkswagen TV commercial pagewhich provides a nice videography of VW ads that have run around the world.  Why rent a movie when you can hook up your laptop to the flat-panel and watch VW commercials all night?
Have a great Air-Cooled VW related video?  Let us know and we'll put it on the site!














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